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Civil Works

Our civil engineering division specializes in the design, management, procurement and construction of
Institutional buildings, Office complexes, Shopping Malls and roads. We also specialize in renovations and earth works within the mining and public sectors with the sub-region.

Why Choose Us?

As our slogan goes, “It’s Possible”, we believe that nothing is impossible and that it’s possible for our client’s requests to be granted

We are always dedicated to the quality standards as required of us and are ready to
always deliver as per our clients expectations. Improving both quality and impact is
a mandatory value of every C&M Pinnacle team member to work with honesty, diligence and total commitment on every project we work on for a satisfactory completion to the client and ourselves.

Safety of to the team and the clients property and the environment is key to attaining
our vision

A project delivered in halves leaves clients unhappy with wasted time and expenditure. We value the goal of finishing every project we take up by making sure we live up
to the challenge because we believe it is always possible

Enhancing our services and knowledge to meet the dynamic trends in the engineering industry is key to the success of every project. We make that one of the things we
value in C&M Pinnacle